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Say hello to the leadership team at J316Orlando


Meet our leadership

Say hello to the J316Orlando leadership team. Do you have questions for the team? Contact us by clicking here.

Bezaleel Diaz - Pastor

Bez Diaz began attending J316Orlando in 1997. In 2008, he began his ministry as a pastor and has served as the pastor of J316Orlando ever since. Bez is married to his wife of more than 25 years, Esther Diaz.


"Love for Christ. Compassion for Others."
- Pastor Bez

Esther Diaz - Women & Kids Ministry Director

Esther Diaz, wife of Pastor Bez, has been attending J316Orlando since 1997. She now directs the Women's Ministry and the Kids Ministry. Her love for people is seen in her service to others.


"Teaching women to edify their households and leave a Christian legacy."
- Esther Diaz

Kathy Nuñez - Sunday School Teacher

Kathy Nuñez joined J316Orlando in 2008. Her passion for Christ and affinity for children has made her an excellent instructor for the children of the congregation. 

Kathy - clear.png

"Embrace children & educate them in God's word."
- Kathy Nunez

Yessenia Diaz - Sunday School Teacher

Yessenia Diaz has been a member of J316Orlando since she was born. She officially joined the ministry as a Sunday School teacher in 2018 and is an active member of the church's Youth Group.

yessi pt 2.png

"Creating a good foundation for them to stand on in the future."
- Yessenia Diaz

Pete Cruz - Men's Ministry Director

Pete Cruz became a member of the J316Orlando family in 2014. He has been an active member in service and ministry ever since. Pete is now the director of the Men's Ministry.


"Helping men to be the leaders God called them to be."
- Pete Cruz

Yazmin Diaz - Youth Group Director

Yazmin Diaz joined the J316Orlando leadership team in 2016 as the Youth Ministry director. Yazmin strives to bring relevant topics and lessons to engage the youth each week.

Yaz - clear.png

"Let's teach youth that their identity is in Jesus." 
- Yazmin Diaz

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